Dealing With Debt Collectors

Dealing with mounting debt can be stressful. If you’re unable to pay off your debts or are sorting them out in other ways such as through debt consolidation or consumer proposals, then constantly getting calls from debt collectors will be enough to drive you up the wall.
Your best defence against this is your rights – not knowing them could put you at risk of harassment or even fraud. Here are some tips and facts you should know when dealing with debt collectors.

Standard procedure for debt collectors is that all initial contact with you will be through writing, whether through email or registered mail. After this, they will try to call you and talk to you personally.

When speaking to a debt collector on the phone, always keep the conversation brief. Don’t stand for intimidation or abusive language. If you experience this behaviour from a debt collector, report them to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services.

Know your rights. Debt collectors cannot contact you between the hours of 9pm and 7am. And in most provinces, soliciting on Sundays is also prohibited.

In Ontario, debt collectors are prohibited from calling you, emailing, or even leaving a voicemail more than three times in one week. If they must contact you, this should be done through registered mail. Furthermore, if you tell them specifically to keep all correspondence through regular mail, then they’re prohibited from making any calls to you.

 Debt collectors are also prohibited from contacting your acquaintances or family members, unless they’re trying to track down your mailing address. Some collectors will try anything to get you on the phone and get you paying.
They’ll resort to sneaky tactics and some will lie, use profanity, and intimidation to get their way. Get everything in writing and keep track of all calls and messages sent to you.

Beware of fake debt collectors. Make sure the debt being collected is actually something you owe. If you haven’t received a verified letter from a collector and are being harassed by phone, you may be the victim of a scam.

If you can’t pay your debt, look for other ways to manage it. Don’t just avoid it. Enlist the help of a debt counsellor and see if debt management plans like consumer proposals or debt restructuring is for you.

A consumer proposal is similar to filing a bankruptcy such that you get immediate relief from the debt collection or even from legal action of your creditors. But unlike bankruptcy, a consumer proposal is a financial solution that allows you to keep valuable assets like your house. This article was written by Press Toronto

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Keep Your Credit Score High While Paying Off Debt

If you landed yourself in debt, you can expect that your credit score is not as healthy as it used to be. Your debt amount affect 30% of your credit score computation. That means growing your debt without having a clear plan to pay it off will continue to lower your score and taint your credit report.

One of the best ways to get rid of your debt without affecting your credit score is to consolidate your debts. This will not reduce your debt and you end up paying for everything else that you owe. That will mean your credit report will not reflect that you are in a debt relief program. If it does, it will only have a minimal effect and it is usually not negative.

What debt consolidation does is to restructure your debt payments so that it is more manageable. The goal is to lower your monthly payments by distributing your current balance over a longer payment period. If you are working with a professional they will also negotiate with creditors so you can be awarded with a lower interest rate. That will reduce your monthly requirement even further. It should make it easier for you to keep up with your debt obligations and thus eliminate late payments. If you did not know, 35% of your credit score is determined by your payment history. If you are good with payments – meaning you are never late and you pay at least the minimum, your payment history will be quite positive. That will give your credit score a good boost.

As you pay what you owe and you do it correctly, your credit score will continue to rise. Your payment history will reflect a good payment behavior and your debt amount will keep on decreasing. That means 65% of your credit score is increasing. As you eliminate your debt, that will grow even further.

Of course, there are other things that you can do to keep your score high. One of them is to stop acquiring more debt. Remember that your debt amount is 30% of your score. Make sure your credit report will no longer reflect that you are still taking in more debt. That could mean keeping your credit cards to avoid the temptation of using them again and thus adding to what you already owe.

Practicing proper financial management skills will also help you out. If you know how to budget your money, you don’t have to be scared of getting a loan if it means you will grow your personal net worth. These include loans for home purchases or a business. As long as you have mastered budgeting, you can identify how much loan you can afford to take on. Not only that, you can make sure that your money will always be enough so you can always afford your debt payments. This article was written by  Samantha Seiffert

How To Combine Debt Relief and Earning More To Achieve Faster Debt Freedom

Some people make the mistake of assuming that enrolling in a program is enough to get them out of debt. While it can certainly help, there are other things that you can work on to maximize your efforts to solve your debt woes.

Most debt experts believe that a complete debt solution involves more than the debt relief program. You need to partner it with your efforts to increase your income.

Here’s the logic in that. Getting yourself in debt means your income is not enough to support your lifestyle. While a more frugal lifestyle will definitely help, there is only so much that you can cut back on. What if your debt payments require a huge amount of money? Where will you get the funds to finance that?

If you want unlimited possibilities, you can always increase your income to support your debt payments. Not only will you have more than enough for your debt payments, you also do not need to sacrifice the important expenses that you need to maintain your lifestyle. But of course, that all depends on how you got yourself in so much debt in the first place. If your lifestyle is really extravagant, you may want to rethink how you plan to change it so that you will never be in danger of landing in another financial crisis.

But more than that, increasing your income will pave way for more improvements in your life. Apart from helping with debt and expenses, it can also allow you to increase your savings.

Growing your reserve fund is a good idea because it will help you achieve not just debt freedom but also financial stability. In case your income is suddenly compromised, you can still pay off all your dues because you have your reserve to help finance important expenses.

There are many ways to increase your income. You can simply ask your current employer to increase your hours or allow you to work double shifts. Or, you can get an entirely different second job. During the recession, stories of executives who work in office during the day and spend after hours cleaning toilets just to earn more. While you don’t have to do the same, think of a second job that you can apply for.

Working from home is also a good option. This will allow you to stay close to home and your family even as you work to earn more. There are online jobs that you can apply for. If you have a skill like writing or web designing, you can get projects online. This is something that you can work on at night or during weekends.

Another good idea to help you earn more is to capitalize on things that you love to do. For instance, if your hobby involves gardening, you can grow produce and sell it to your neighbors. If you have great cooking skills, offer to cook and bring your office mates’ brown bag for a price. Or you can whip up cookies and sell them in packs. If you have carpentry skills, create simple furniture and sell them online.

There are many things that you can accomplish if you have the creativity and determination to see it through. Regardless of your debt relief choice, combine it with earning more. It will get you that coveted debt freedom soon enough. This article was written by Samantha Seiffert

3 Tips To Escape From Debt


ID-100249514Escape from the prison of debt is not an easy feat to accomplish, but it can be done with determination and perseverance. It calls for some very serious severe measures.

As I always say to individuals, it is easy to get into debt, but very difficult to escape from debt prison.

Debt holds on to us tightly and turns us into wearied creatures, it held on to me. It also causes us to start borrowing from our bosses, relatives, friends, or anyone who will lend us, so that we can pay our bills and meet daily expenses. This situation has led some individuals to some unholy professions. In order therefore to escape debt prison, there are some steps that you have to take.

1. Take a Long Look at yourself

If you are going to escape from debt prison, you have to look at yourself. This may mean having  a really long talk with yourself about your financial situation. That is where I started in my quest to be debt free. At the end of your honest, frank reflection of where you are financially and where you desire to be is where the next steps starts. Remember you may have to face the storm head on it therefore makes no sense denying  that there is not a problem, you need to face it and fix it. The next step:

2. Make a list of All Your Creditors

I suggest you sit down and made a list of all who you owe. It may end up being a short list or it may be a long list but don’t worry about that.  A well know Chinese proverb reminds us that: A joinery of 1000 miles starts with one step.” You have come a long way, by accepting that there is a problem and you intend to do something about it. After adding up all the creditors, it will show the final total. You need to know where you are before you can charter a plan of escape. The list reveals that it cannot be business as usual and a budget has to be implemented.

3. A Budget

What is a budget? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary: defines it, an amount of money available for spending that is based on a plan for how it will be spent. A budget keeps your spending in order and on track. The budget looks at income and expenses, how much you are working for and how it will be spent. I term it, slim fast financial diet; I even lost weight physically, but it works. it is to assist you in getting rid of the excess weight of creditors from around your salary. There are some expenses that are monthly: example- utilities, basic groceries.

After you have done this, with the remainder you pay off the smallest creditor first. When you have finished paying off that creditor, take that money and apply it to the bigger creditor and keep following this pattern, it works, because I have used this approach. I am not fully out of debt, but working my way out.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at





Death Trap Of Easy Credit

Debt will steal your joy and rob you of the freedom to do what you want to when you want to do it.  The Bible says “That the borrower is the slave to the lender” and that is so true. Debt places us under a lot of pressure. It is so easy to get into but, hard to get out of it. Yes, I call it death trap of easy credit.

Credit Cards.

Credit cards are very handy items to have in your procession, but they have to be managed. They are easy to obtain with almost, no credit checks. Once we have them we charge everything on them because the monthly payments are minimal, but at that rate it will take about five to ten years to clear of the debt off of a card with a modest limit. What happens most of the time is that we end up falling behind as a result of some unplanned event. Therefore we borrow from one credit card to pay the other. Before we catch ourselves we are deeply in credit card debt.

Car on Low Interest Payments

This is another debt trap. Cars are advertised for as little down as $28.00 with low monthly payments of $28.00, because of our good credit we fall for these wonderful plans, but do we realize that our payback time will be longer and as a result we will be paying more for a car that is deprecating in value every year. As the car deprecates it requires higher maintenance in addition to car-parts even while we are still be paying for it. So you end up paying for the car monthly and also paying the garage to fix it. We start thinking that if we refinance it will easy thing up, but refinance means extending the note on the car.

Some individuals go to the bank and get a small loan to fix the car. Now it is paying back the credit cars, the car note, and loan and supporting the home. Things will become a little tight, but the due payments are being paid monthly because of our good job, but things change, everyone seems to forget Murphy’s Law.  No job is safe nor secure any longer.

Not only, is no job safe nor secure, but you can’t afford to become sick for any time, because it will affect the bills being paid. If  a month or two of serving the debt is missed it will start to rise like a  wave becoming higher and higher and as a result you start to drown in debt, as you fall further and further behind in your payments. Credit agencies will start calling.  You start to avoid answering the phone and opening the mail. Debt destroys you emotionally.

Debt not only also affects our ability to adequately support our families but it also robs us of sleep. Mentally we are overwhelmed with worrying how on Gods earth we will be able to pay off our debts. This causes us many sleepless nights filled with worry and anxiety. I HATE DEBT WITH A PASSION, because it steals years from our lives. In my next blog I will share with you the steps, we need to take in order to obtain our freedom from the trap of debt. There is a way to escape from the Death Trap Of Easy Credit.